Collaboration with STATE The Label

In a magical atelier in Athens Georgia, Adrienne Antonson and the team at STATE The Label, stitch up a perfect balance of whimsy and practicality in their collection of hand-painted clothing. Their pieces are gallery-worthy art in themselves with the aim of making you feel inspired as well as comfortable.

I've been following STATE for many years (in fact, we met a dozen years ago when our art was exhibitied together at "Under The Radar" in Charleston, SC). Talk about an art crush - we instantly decided to trade art!

When STATE asked me about doing a collaboration, I jumped at the chance. They sent fabric scraps from recent collections and I used these as inspiration for new dreamscapes. The fluorscent pink airbrushed cotton, gingam, blue stripes, and indigo had my full attention.

It was dream project and I hope you enjoy!

Find 12 new dreamscapes at STATE The Label

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