When your work is compared to Vincent Van Gogh

It's humbling to have your paintings compared to a great artist like Vincent Van Gogh. Here's a look at the Liz Lidgett Gallery Journal: Vincent Van Gogh + Karin Olah RIGHT: Karin Olah, Little Barn 8, Mixed media with textiles on linen, 8 x 8 in, $300 Van Gogh will always be one of my favorite artists. His dreamy paintings are both soothing and jarring. While he is known for making a large collection of self portraits, he is also famous for his abstracted landscapes. The landscape is seen through the eyes of the artist; it is his interpretation of the places he is painting. While he was a post-impressionist, and therefore had a very soft feel to his pieces, as does Karin Olah. Her works are

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