Little Landscapes

Available to purchase at: Gregg Irby Gallery 

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I adore working small - at this size, you are asked to look closer and to see the textiles and texture.

Inspiration is drawn from the farms near my hometown in Lititz, Pennsylvania, the marsh and beach near my current home in Charleston, South Carolina, and also from a patchwork - of memories, dreamy places, and abstracted landscapes.


This work is a visual smash-up of painting and quilt-making. I continue to use my signature collage process of intricate fabric cuts soaked in rice starch and applied as brushstrokes. However, only up close does a viewer see the hand-dyed cotton, linen, and silk fabrics I use.  My process begins with an under-drawing akin to an architectural draft. Sometimes these lines peek through, revealing a history of mark making. I add more layers with opaque gouache, acrylic paint, watercolor crayons, pencil, and pastels.  


I am interested in finding metaphorical connections between fabric and subject matter.

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