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I adore working small - many of these tiny little jewels are just 5 x 7 inches. Some are practice for a larger painting, some are painted in a panoramic view that is cut apart, some are abstract, some are more realistic landscapes. 


I abstract the coastal landscape into stacked water and sky layers and stripes of turquoises, blues, foamy greens, and marsh-grass golds. 


Not surprisingly, spending time near or on the water has a positive effect on mood and health.  Lucky for me and my fellow Lowcountry water-lovers, we have plenty of the wet stuff surrounding us and influencing our well-being. Well, being an artist, I’m soaking in the inspiring views and excited to share my own twist on a beloved subject.


This work is a visual smash-up of painting and quilt-making. I continue to use my signature collage process of intricate fabric cuts soaked in rice starch and applied as brushstrokes. However, only up close does a viewer see the hand-dyed cotton, linen, and silk fabrics I use.  My process begins with an under-drawing akin to an architectural draft. Sometimes these lines peek through, revealing a history of mark making. I add more layers with opaque gouache, acrylic paint, watercolor crayons, pencil, and pastels.  


I am interested in finding metaphorical connections between fabric and subject matter.

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