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My subject matter explores the marshes and wetlands of the Lowcountry. 

I patchwork together my mixed-media collages with representational and non-objective elements, drawing from my photographs, memories, and idealized daydreams. These paintings interpret the southern landscape in a layered collage of hand-dyed fabric and vintage textiles along with acrylic paints and pastel. From a distance, the work has depth in color and texture. Up close, you can see the hand-dyed cotton, linen, and silk. 


I search for the metaphorical connections between fabric and subject matter. I ask the viewer to take a deeper look and be wrapped up in the beauty and preservation of our coastal wetlands. Our Lowcountry marshes are essential for controlling flooding, reducing carbon in the atmosphere, providing a habitat for fish, wildlife, and birds… and for wowing us with their iconic beauty.