Recent Works in process and Completed Paintings 


Thank you so much for your interest in my work.

Commissioning a painting is like working collaboratively.

The more information I have from you, the better chance I have of realizing your dream painting.

I look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

The painting I like has sold. Can you repaint it?

I'm happy to capture the feel of your favorite painting while also making it uniquely yours. Now you can own it in the perfect size for home.

Can you do it without fabric?

Yes, I'm happy to do only a little fabric or leave it off all together. Up to you.

Can I commission a painting by you through your gallery?

Absolutely! In fact, that is one of the first questions I ask. If you found me through one of my galleries, I want to make sure that they get credit. The galleries keep me in business when I keep them in business. 

Can you work from my photo?

Email it to me, I'll take a look and let you know. Do keep in mind that I paint scenes loosely and in an expressionistic way. I will not use a photo with lots of detail in the foreground.

What if the commissioned painting is not a good fit or I change my mind? 

No worries. I can tweak it, make changes, paint over, remove or add fabric, etc. Or I'm happy to start again. 

Or we can press pause and you can reach out when you want to start the process again. I won't send the invoice until you approve it.​

How soon can you make it? 

Delivery is 6 - 12 months. Sometimes my schedule is backed up with commissions or preparing for a exhibition, but I will do my best to meet your deadline. If you are in a super hurry, ask me about the rush charge.

How much is the deposit?

$100 is needed to secure your spot on my calendar and to cover materials.​ Payable by check or credit card online. Partial refund if you change your mind.

Can you ship this? 

Yes, most paintings ship for $25 - 75. Email me your size and zip code for a shipping estimate.

Can I see photos of the work in process?​

I'll share photos when your painting is ready. Then I'll ask for your feedback and will make changes as needed. 

Can you paint my family?

I'm sorry. I don't paint people or pets.

Do you have more questions? 

Email me at karinolah@gmail, Call me at 843-259-8321, schedule a studio visit, or ask for a Art Consultation in your Charleston home.

Ready to build your personalized painting?

Email me at karinolah@gmail and please answer these questions....


Which paintings (sold or available) speak to you from my sites?


Which of my paintings do you connect with? What paintings, past or present, have jumped out at you?


What is your dream scene? Do you want a marsh scene, ocean scene, lake, farms, etc?

What colors do you want to see? Or tell me about the room where you plan to hang your painting.

What colors do you not like?

What details do you like? Textured Fabric, Seersucker, striped fabric? Pops of color? 

Do you like a lot of fabric and texture, just a little, or somewhere in between?

Do you have a firm deadline? 

Is this vertical or horizontal or a square?

Choose a size / material -

Works on Paper (Arches heavyweight 300lb watercolor paper)

Shown in paper size (Image size is 2 - 4 inches smaller with white paper border around image) 

Sold Unframed. Ask about mat or frame options.

8 x 10        $350

11 x 14      $500

12 x 12      $500

16 x 20      $650

20 x 20      $600

22 x 30      $750  (deckled edge)

29 x 41      $950 (deckled edge)

Works on Wood Panel (1.5 inch deep)

Sold Unframed.

8 x 8          $400

12 x 12      $500

16 x 16      $700

16 x 20      $800

18 x 18      $800

18 x 24      $900

20 x 20      $900

24 x 24      $1300

24 x 30     $1700

30 x 30     $2000

Stretched canvas/linen, 1.5 inches deep, painted around the edge, wired and ready to hang or take to a framer

Works on Canvas or Linen (1.5 inch deep)


16 x 20      $800                               

18 x 18      $800                                 

18 x 24     $900                                                                        

12 x 36     $900                  

20 x 20     $900                                                             

24 x 24     $1300

18 x 36     $1600

24 x 30     $1700

24 x 36     $2000

30 x 30     $2000

30 x 36     $2300              

24 x 48     $2300

30 x 40     $2300

36 x 36      $2500

30 x 48      $2900

40 x 40     $2900

36 x 48     $3100

30 x 60     $3100

30 x 72     $3400   (3 panels of 30h x 24w)

36 x 60     $3400

48 x 48     $3600

40 x 60     $3600

36 x 72     $3700

36 x 72     $3700  (3 panels of 36h x 24w)

48 x 60     $4000

40 x 72     $4000

50 x 60     $4000

60 x 60     $4200

48 x 72     $4200 

48 x 72     $4200    (2 panels of 48h x 36w)   

Large Scale, To the trade, Multiples, and Wholesale Pricing  is $1 - $2 per square inch. 

Email me for an accurate price for your project. 

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